Shaun Garrod was having breakfast after a night out. He was bleary-eyed when he popped a crumpet into the toaster at his North Street, Ashby, home on Saturday morning. At first, staring through the haze, Mr Garrod thought that the crumpet was emblazoned with the image of Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb. However, the 31-year-how Deep Is Your Love – Bee Gees – The Words And Music Of Maurice Gibb / Barry Gibb / Robin Gibb was amazed when his younger brother, Elliott, pointed out that in fact, the face of Christ had been burned into the 37p crumpet.

The Japanese market is a difficult one for foreign singers. In fact only twelve non-Japanese acts have had No 1 singles in the Japanese charts. Guess who were the first ones to achieve it? Robin Gibb’s “Saved By The Bell” because of Robin’s vocal style. The Yorkshire mill town of Batley became the most unlikely place to stage stars of worldwide fame, in a venue called Batley Variety Club, which opened in 1967 and became the biggest entertainment venue in the north of England. The A653 Bradford Road soon took on the glamour of Broadway, as its owner Jimmy Corrigan drove stars like Shirley Bassey, Louis Armstrong, Jayne Mansfield, Roy Orbison, and the Bee Gees.

Howard Stern interviews The Bee Gees and asks them about their breakup in 1981. Mo says they produced other people like Barbara Streisand and Dionne Warwick. Stern asks Barry if ‘you got her? Barry says ‘What do you mean, I got her?

Stern says ‘You know what I mean! I thought you were getting it on with her’. Lots of laughing go on and all the brothers talking at the same time. Barry keeps saying she’s a ‘classy’ lady. Subject rolls around to when they reached their utmost fame period and Stern asks if they’ve cheated on their wives. He directs the question at Barry first and he answers that he’s been married 25 years and has not been unfaithful. He goes on to say that his entire family goes with him everywhere they go.

He then asks Robin if he’s cheated on his wife. He says he did on his first wife all the time but not on the current one. The subject matter shifts and they discuss the ‘Size Isn’t Everything’ CD. Stern says they’ve appropriately given the CD this name since they are one track minded. Barry explains there’s other reasons for the title. Stern gets an open to door and boldly asks ‘Who is the biggest Bee Gee?

Stern then comments ‘I think Robin is! Robin says something about large feet and that Mo is the biggest. It was in their house at 51 Keppel Road where the brothers started harmonising. In 1996 the brothers and their mother Barbara  visited Keppel Road  to film a South Bank Show special on their lives and met up with the then owner John Nono. Barry Gibb asked him if he was interested in selling it, but John Nono had no desire to do so then. However, a few years later John Nono decided to put the house in the market and emailed Barry to see if he was interested.

And this is how Barry ended up buying the house in 2002. The house in now rented to students. THE BEE GEES and THE SIMPSONSThe Bee Gees song ‘Stayin’ alive’ has been played in two episodes of The Simpsons : ‘Bart’s Girlfriend’ and ‘The Two Mrs Nahasapeem-apelitons’. Ah ah ah ah Table Fiiiive”.

BIRTHDAY PRESENTS FOR MAURICEMaurice Gibb: “Years ago, what I got for my 21st birthday was a movie camera from Ringo Starr, a Rickenbacker guitar from George Harrison and a Gibson Monarch from John Lennon. He also used to play Rickenbackers, as the white one he’s playing on the cover of To whom it may concern. Nearly all Bee Gees’ children are into music. In 1992 Maurice’s daughter, Sammy, joined an all-girls singing quartet named ‘China Doll’.

The group specialized in Latin-styled pop and opened for the Bee Gees at a benefit concert at the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami Beach. In 1968 Barry Gibb was best man when P. Arnold married her manager James Morris. 400 and bought up all the ‘Wine and Women’ singles they could find in Australia. That is how they got the record to be played on radio. It opened at number 30 after the buying spree.