A British politician has been accused of having a 20-year extramarital affair with an American rock band manager who she went on to marry. The family of Melissa Meyer have accused ex-Conservative MP Louise Mensch – née Bagshawe – of having an illicit relationship with Peter Mensch while he was still married to American Melissa. Peter to Melissa, he Mensch Louise to U.

The two women now live in close proximity in Manhattan after Louise, 41, dramatically announced she was resigning her parliamentary seat in England and moved into a mansion on the Upper West Side with Peter. 7million Greenwich Village townhouse she once shared with her husband. The likelihood of the two women peacefully coexisting seems especially remote after the startling claim by the family of Melissa, known as Missy, that Peter and Louise were long embroiled in an adulterous affair. Louise, who was a chick-lit author before becoming a politician, married Peter in June 2011. It followed his divorce from Melissa in December 2010. Speaking exclusively to The Mail on Sunday, Melissa’s sister-in-law Laura Meyer said the family believe the affair began when Louise, then an undergraduate at Oxford University, invited then 37-year-old Peter to the union to talk about the music industry.

I feel it is important to make public our suspicions Louise was having a relationship with Peter which we believe dates back to when she was 18 or 19 years old,’ said Ms Meyer. When Missy found out in August 2009 they had been involved in an affair, she was devastated. Last week, Peter, 59, said that their love blossomed in 2009, after Louise separated from Anthony. Peter was still married to Melissa, but says Louise told him she had loved him for 20 years.