People who wake up during surgery are usually traumatized by the never Woke Up In Tears. Many of them feel the surgeon’s every cut and stitch.

Unfortunately, they cannot tell anyone of the agony that they are in, as they’re usually given muscle relaxants before the surgery. Carol Weihrer spent years living in pain due to a scratched cornea. She had undergone 17 surgeries to try to fix it, none of which worked. Weihrer was relieved that the pain would finally be over. She was given anesthesia and fell asleep.

Weihrer woke up happily, thinking her pain was finally over. She could not speak, and she could not move. Weihrer tried to scream, but no sound could come out. She was paralyzed by the muscle relaxants. All she could do was listen to the surgeons talk as they removed her eye. Don’t be afraid to use all the force you need. While she felt no pain from the operation, the feeling of helplessness was unbearable.

Weihrer couldn’t sleep lying down because it brought back too many bad memories, and she suffered from frequent nightmares. Donna Penner needed to undergo surgery on her abdomen. She was given anesthetic, and she woke up as nurses were washing her stomach. Penner thought that the surgery was over.

Then she heard the surgeon ask for a scalpel. Penner felt the entire surgery: She felt the surgeon cut her open, she felt the surgeon slide medical instruments through her abdomen, and she felt her organs being moved around. Penner thought that she would die. She tried to get the attention of the doctors, but she had to struggle to make the slightest movement. Penner managed to twitch her foot three times.