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After all, we’re not going to be around forever,’ said Bill, 67, a retired army master sergeant. The time has come to let others enjoy these wonderful things as much as we have over these many years. He, along with his wife Linda, also 67, are long-time Elvis fans and started their collection in 1990. Bill and Linda Kinard, both 67, of South Florida, have been collecting Elvis memorabilia since 1990. Elvis owned several Cadillacs, here he walks by a Cadillac Eldorado. Bill says he and Linda came by their collection of over 2,000 items several ways. They inherited what Bill believes is Elvis’s 1957 Cadillac, white eagle jump suit, and other Elvis memorabilia, from the estate of former Los Angeles Dodger Bruce Buseman after his passing in 2004.

The Kinards were the only surviving board members of the Buseman-founded ‘Professional Sports Hall of Fame Museum’ in Eugene, Oregon. He bought about 1,000 other items from a female traveling companion of Elvis. It was said to be a platonic relationship and she was with him when he was on the road touring,’ said Bill. Other items were acquired from Becky Martin, Elvis’s fifth grade classmate and lifelong friend, and then there were ‘only a few things, pictures mainly,’ that came from Charlene Presley, Elvis’s first cousin by marriage, he added.

Undoubtedly, the cream of the crop is Elvis’s 1957 pink and black eight cylinder Cadillac Sedan de Ville. It has been painstakingly restored to its original splendor by Dale Warrington of Fort Pierce, Florida. 110,000 has been spent on bringing the car up to its pristine condition, with only the installation of a brake part needed to complete the project. A majority of the money used for the restoration came from our lifetime savings and a private investor kicked in the rest,’ said Bill. It was one of many Cadillacs Elvis bought after his career took off.

And while Graceland has refused to authenticate it, it carries a certificate of authenticity from the now closed Yesterday Years Fantastic Museum in Yakima, Washington. Bill claims that it was then displayed at The Professional Sports Hall of Fame Museum in Eugene, Oregon. For that price, he’ll even throw in the car’s original license plates. Bill also owns what he claims is the American white eagle jump suit Elvis wore during his 1973 Aloha from Hawaii concert. Studded with faux jewels and sequins, it weighs maybe fifty pounds,’ he said. It’s never been professionally cleaned and has Elvis’s DNA on it.

George Nichopoulos, examined it and said that it was the real deal and that Elvis had worn it. He even recognized a stain on the leg. 1 million, despite missing its belt. If having some of Elvis’s DNA isn’t enough, possibly even better to a hard core fan or collector would be something visible to the naked eye. Another treasure is the American white eagle jump suit Elvis wore during his 1973 Aloha from Hawaii concert. That’s what some new owner will get with his red concert tour jacket, which comes with a scarf dotted with a few drops of blood.

Elvis had nicked himself, used the scarf to dab his cut and so he couldn’t give it away like he usually did during a concert,’ explained Bill. 25,000, and a picture of Elvis with slicked back, red hair and signed to his childhood friend Becky Martin “from Elvis”. One of his guitar picks is framed and features prominently in the Kinards’ home, as well as a guitar once owned by Becky Martin and signed by Elvis’s original band members, including George Klein. Klein was also a childhood pal and was a guest at his Las Vegas wedding in 1970. Concert recording tapes of Elvis’s first four years as a performer, dating from the early 1950s, are featured in the collection, Bill says.